Harry Lang

Creative Businessy Guy

Hey! I'm Harry!

I’ve always hated sitting around – and in my spare time I have self taught myself a decent amount of skills. From graphic design, to running businesses, animation, web development.

At an early age I got really into design, music, film and everything creative and digital. Now, at an older and hopefully more mature age I have become professional, with an extensive portfolio and client base.

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Some of my favourite work!

So I’m keen to show you some of my favourite work from 2018 – which proves that I don’t sit around doing nothing! This showreel features various branding projects, along with animation and some work from my newly found skillset – web development! Enjoy!

Some of my previous clients

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Dubai 2018

Kickstarting my first solo travel around the world – what better place to do this than Dubai? A vast and busy city with lots of exciting things to see.

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