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December 30, 2020

P3 Paisley – Website & Branding


Over the summer of 2018, I have become heavily involved in the building of sites – which I am now proud to say I am able to do myself – and no longer have to work with someone to take my site designs and build them! Not that I don’t enjoy working with other people _(I do really!)_but I really wanted to challenge myself, learn and new skill and ultimately wanted to be independent and offer this service for myself to see projects from start to finish.

The website is an example of my recent Wordpress development portfolio. Here, I have created a fully bespoke website that reflects their brand image, sets P3 Paisley ahead of several competing charities in internet presence, increases credibility and publicity – and ultimately, now, gathers leads from those looking to support the charity, or through grant applications of those who may be seeking some assistance from the charity.

The recent spike in the dreaded ‘GDPR’ and privacy of sites meant I also became involved in several legal documents for the site which I definitely a real eye opener to the legalities of running a site and what to consider (not something I’d look to pursue as a career change though!)

About The Client

P3 Paisley is a Paisley based charity which provides support to:

  • Relieve the poverty, promote the health and advance the education of those living in Paisley and the surrounding area who require assistance.
  • To co-operate with other like-minded charitable organisations in Paisley.
  • To support charitable appeals and projects for the benefit of the people of Paisley.

For years now, several generations of my family have overseen the worthy cause make valuable contributions to Paisley and the surrounding areas. Due to evolving technology it became necessary (not to mention a legal requirement) for the charity to up their game and launch a website and confirm their direction as a brand. This was something I gladly got involved and began with creating the P3 Paisley logo back in 2014 (about 2 years into my career as a graphic designer / marketing guy)

Want to examine my development skills up close? Interested in P3 Paisley? Check it out here:

View Project
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