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November 21, 2022

DabHand Group – Promo Animations

As my own business, founded in February 2015 in my final year of school when I was just 18, it is obvious why I am particularly fond of these promotional videos.

Demonstrates that I am able to think and plan of the overall project from start to finish. Throughout this project I followed a series of stages, which I recommend all of my animation clients to follow during their projects:

  1. Planning the goals. In this case, showcasing the businesses animation skills, explaining what we do and opening up youtube / vimeo as additional marketing platforms. Not to mention being an eye catching and easy way to feed potential leads information…people (including myself) are often far too lazy to read text nowadays)

  2. Conceptualising the idea. Now I understood what I wanted to get out of the video, I next decided how I was going to go about achieving these goals. Like every animation project, I took my ideas and created a script for how I deemed best would portray what I way trying to get across. What I found really awesome about this project is that I had no one else to answer to! Complete freedom.

  3. Executing & Implement. Having storyboarded everything out, it was time to animate this and put it into action. Super happy with how these turned out as I think they summarise what other businesses have in a great big whack of text in a minute or so video. The videos have been uploaded to the website home pages, along with a video for each individual service. I have also opted for youtube + vimeo to allow for maximum publicity.

  4. Reviewing. Now the videos have been implemented it is important that I review whether they have worked…which they have! I have received a number of comments about the video which have ultimately converted people into leads. As I have seen these videos are working, I may wish to promote them with an allocated budget to help gain more publicity and leads…this is something I will come back to though!

About The Client

DabHand Group has been a personal business venture of mine since 2015 when I founded it. Three years prior to this I had taken on projects regularly as an independent freelancer but felt that I needed to up my game and become a registered business. Since then I’ve worked with upwards of 300 clients (336 at present) and have learned a huuuuggggeeee amount about the day to day running of a business, marketing, admin and various other things I probably would have never had the chance to do otherwise. Check out my other blog post on dabhand group as a business venture here.

Want to find out more about Dab Hand (yes you do!!), you can visit the site here:

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