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December 30, 2020

Flex E Card – QR Scanner Animation


Towards the end of 2017 I received a super interesting animation project through people per hour. The brief entailed creating three animations for use on a large, freestanding QR Scanning unit which was located in various major UK shopping centre’s – one of which Being Intu, for which Intu Braehead is probably my closest shopping centre. Immediately I found this a very exciting project as I may (hopefully…fingers crossed!) get to see my some of my work in action in my local shopping centre in the future.

Just a side note before we move on…If anyone see’s this animation in action in a scanner unit near you…please, please, please give me an email with some photos as I am desperate to see it live!

The End Result

An important point within the brief was the the units were to have no sound, making this a slightly more challenging video to work on than usual as extra care needs to be taken to ensure that the video gets across the point visually in an easy to understand manner without the support of any voiceover. The brief also outlined that videos would be split into three separate sections, and played at the beginning of each milestone to guide the user on what to do next.

  1. Before a user interacts with the unit, to show them them how to scan their QR code

  2. When a user has scanned their QR code and now needs to tap an existing gift card or use the credit card to pay for the item

  3. When the process is complete, to show users where to collect their receipt, gift card and thank the user for their purchase

Like every animation project, I began with storyboarding out my ideas. I found this part pretty exciting too as I got to practice my illustration skills as I needed to draw out the unit in vector format so it could be animated. Super proud of this as I think it looks exactly as the unit does in real life! Following the initial draft of the storyboard, a few amendments and subsequent drafts were made and the I got to work on the animation and, not long after, the final draft.

About The Client

Flex E Scanner are offering the widest range of Shopping Centre Gift Cards in the UK, with over 80 different shopping centre gift card products available.

Want to find out more about Flex-E-Cards, you can visit their site here:

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