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CamRate – Promotional Animation

{"url":"","metadata":{"width":1920,"height":1080,"html":"","aspectRatio":0,"title":"CamRate Animation V11","provider_name":"Vimeo","type":"video","thumbnail_url":"","description":"This is \"CamRate Animation V11\" by Harry Lang on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.","author_name":"Harry Lang"}}

Back in 2016, I received contact on people per hour from Pavlos, an entrepreneur who was wanting to create an animation for a new to the marketing mobile app. The app was called CamRate and essentially lets users rate everything and anything they wish to. The animation covers everything users were able to do in the app – so essentially acts as an explainer video and a promotional video rolled into one.

What Did I Learn?

I definitely learned on this project that I needed to improve the way I organise my files behind the scenes. With this draft there were several revisions and changes which meant that quite quickly my after effects project became a tad more jumbled than it should be. I’ve since rethought the file structuring and remapped out all the relevant folders I would ever need for animation projects and copy and paste this complete folder for every single version of an animation. This has been a really vital learning point and I’m glad I have learnt this on a relatively small project and not one where I would get completely lost.

About The Client

CamRate are a new and exciting way to Find, Create, Rate & Review absolutely Anything! “From a beautiful moment in your day to that great hotel or super cute puppy!” “Love it, or hate it…Just rate it!”

Whether it’s a photo, a politician, TV show or upcoming rap artist, CamRate lets you effortlessly create your review and share it with the world.

Want to find out more about CamRate, you can visit their site here:

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