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December 30, 2020

Dubai 2018


So…Kickstarting my first solo travel around the world to Australia, and what better place to do this than Dubai? A vast and busy city filled with lots of new and exciting things to see.

Throughout the trip, I spent Christmas with the family which was a nice send off for the rest of the trip. Was definitely a nice change from the regular holidays and christmas breaks and try something new. I’ve never been in or visited a city on such a scale and it was weird to be reminded that both Glasgow and Edinburgh are very small in comparison.

Really happy to see that the massive scale of the whole country filled me with inspiration rather than being heavily daunting and the real ‘luxuryness’ of everything also really helped put me in the mood for putting together various aims that I want to achieve in upcoming 2019, and aiming high with some of these aims just from being surrounded by such a wealthy seeming city. Three of these aims I managed to get a head-start with on the holiday as well (may as well start on a high!)

Although my time in Dubai was fairly brief, I got a really great opportunity to play with my camera and take some cool photos around the city both in the day time, and the evening (something I’d always wanted to play around with but never really had the time) One of the techniques I had never played with before was making light streaks with a slow shutter speed – so I’ve uploaded one of those! Although could definitely do with a longer shutter speed so the lights are a bit more consistent. Maybe this is something I can try out in my next stop Hong Kong!

Definitely look to revisit this beautiful, bustling city again in future. Really great way to start off my travels.

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