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December 30, 2020

Holiday Buddies – Logo Animation


As my first commercial logo design project, I am particularly fond of the Holiday Buddies intro. This animation was intended for use at the beginning of every promotional video which Holiday Buddies intended to produce (for social media, their website and various other bits and pieces) Having a logo intro means that the company’s brand is presented consistently and viewers have recognisable intro they can watch. Again, a logo intro also helps open up the video so that it flows a little better – as opposed to just starting with the video or just having a boring still logo.

Although a very short intro, I definitely found this somewhat challenging as there was a lot of effects and time put into such a short composition. Also, as it was so short and there’s not a huge amount that can be shown I needed to create the logo intro animation with minimal amounts of planning that I could share with the client. This meant I risked spending hours on something that might not be used – which was definitely a slight shock to the system compared with longer promo animations which I can storyboard out and get approval on prior to actually starting any animation work.

Overall, I am over the moon with this project and I feel like it really shows off the logo in a nice way and is very eye catching to open up a longer video.

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