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FX Foundations – 100 Page Textbook

Flashback to February 2018, where day in, day out I was grafting away on my dissertation work during my fourth and final year at uni (which by the way, got me a 2:1 in my final grade…woop woop!) Alongside this, I was continuing to work closely with on of my regular clients – FX Foundations, a London based financial education company who offer various tuition packages to people wanting to learn about Foreign Exchange (more commonly known as Forex)

With this particular project, FX Foundations had wanted to create an own branded textbook which contained everything a beginner trader would need to get going on their trading journey. For those new to subscribing to a bespoke FX Foundations tuition package, you will be send a custom red-foiled box containing the 100+ spiral bounded textbook, a custom notepad for taking forex related notes and a free sticker to encourage spreading awareness of the brand.

As you can see from the gallery above, I decided to make frequent use of icons to support text and make it easier to understand. My end goal was to make the text book a less a boring as textbooks I read (umm, yeah…definitely read!) during my uni career! Ironically, not being a fan of textbooks I actually quite enjoyed designing this and really happy with the final textbook design – hope to do another one soon!

About The Client

My time with FX Foundations initially began through people per hour, where I met Mike. After completing a successful re-design of the FX Foundations website, I am now FX Foundations main virtual designer – so everything from the website, to the up-coming app, social media assets and various print projects have been designed by myself. Like my time at CodeClan I’ve found this really exciting as I get to be in charge of all of the design work and be a real key influencer on where the brand is heading design wise.

Are you interested in learning Forex? Check out FX Foundations to find out more!

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