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Health Quest Nutrition – Business Cards

If you haven’t already seen my corporate identity work, I’d definitely suggest checking it out as one of my favourite recent logo design projects has been for a recent client of mine – Health Quest Nutrition.

To begin with the project has included designing the logo and business cards – for which the logo is one of my personal favourites and is included in the corporate identity section of my website.

The business cards make use of fun hand drawn icons to visually represent the contact details, and a colour scheme and font choice which match that of the logo. Upon launch, it is hoped that follow on work would lead to the creation of additional brand assets – such as social media graphics, site icons and other promotional materials – which all come together to form Health Quest Nutrition’s overall brand identity.

With this particular project, FX Foundations had wanted to create an own branded textbook which contained everything a beginner trader would need to get going on their trading journey. For those new to subscribing to a bespoke FX Foundations tuition package, you will be send a custom red-foiled box containing the 100+ spiral bounded textbook, a custom notepad for taking forex related notes and a free sticker to encourage spreading awareness of the brand.

As you can see from the gallery above, I decided to make frequent use of icons to support text and make it easier to understand. My end goal was to make the text book a less a boring as textbooks I read (umm, yeah…definitely read!) during my uni career! Ironically, not being a fan of textbooks I actually quite enjoyed designing this and really happy with the final textbook design – hope to do another one soon!


Following some previous work for Wallace-Scott Consulting Services, I embarked on a brand design project for Muriel at Health Quest Nutrition. Health Quest Nutrition is a a soon-to-be-launched nutritional therapy business which practices functional medicine, and will offer clients one to one consultations and workshops to a wider audience.

Check out Health Quest Nutrition to find out more!

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