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ECS Digital – Logo Intro Animation

{"url":"","metadata":{"width":1920,"height":1080,"html":"","aspectRatio":0,"title":"ECS Logo Reel V2","provider_name":"Vimeo","type":"video","thumbnail_url":"","description":"This is \"ECS Logo Reel V2\" by Harry Lang on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.","author_name":"Harry Lang"}}

Another logo intro that I’m particularly proud of was my work on the ECS logo intro projects. For this project, ECS wanted an eye catching logo introduction they could use at the start of all their videos in a bid to make their video marketing efforts more consistent. So…that’s what I did!

As such a short piece of work, I find logo intro’s quite challenging to do as I simply have to dive in and create them before I can really showcase my ideas. This is unlike a full blown animation where I would spend a great deal of time planning and storyboarding before I even touched any after effects / animation work.

Overall, I found this animation was really great fun to play on as I had several ideas I was able to put into practice and showcase to ECS – all of fairly different styles and presenting the logo in different manners. That is why I have decided to include the original showreel I sent through to ECS to show the different concepts I tried out. Personally, my favourites were version four but probably for the reason that I thought it was more upbeat and I liked the music. However, with hindsight it probably doesn’t fit the brand image as well as the first two – which have a quick and lighthearted ‘techy’ feel. Hopefully I can use the music for the more catchy music for another project.

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Interested in ECS? Check out their website here for more info.

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