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December 30, 2020

Betfair - Exchange Games Animation


Following the success of the Betfair 7 Days 7 Slots animation, in April 2016 another member of the Betfair team got in touch to discuss producing a second video for another area of the Betfair business – Betfair Exchange Games. Similar to Betfair Bingo’s online gaming setup, Betfair Exchange Games offers its players the chance to play games such as Texas Hold’em poker, blackjack or various other popular card games.

The End Result

An important part of the animation was to recreate the user-face of an actual game being played. Was pretty satisfying to do this as I’ve pretty much nailed it exactly!

Working with Pete Chapman on the voiceover was also a joy. I’ve always loved his voiceovers and think their definitely best used for promo videos that need to be kept exciting and lively.

Following the completion of the video we later revisited the project to add subtitles for use on social media where the audio might not necessarily be on to start with.

It was also definitely encouraging to hear that Betfair had liked their previous animation enough that they were wanting to come back for more!

What Did I Learn?

You’ll see midway through the animation that a card is displayed. As Betfair is regulated heavily by advertising standards and gambiling authorities, it was crucial that cards that would actually appear in the a real life scenario were displayed in the animation. I found this particularly tricky to understand due to my lack of knowledge in card games, but was great to get the end result being 100% exactly and replicating a real life scenario. So, in the mean time…I maybe need to brush up on my card skills!

About The Client

Betfair is a UK based online gambling business operating the world’s largest online betting platform. In 2016 it merged with another recognisable gambling figurehead, Paddy Power to latterly become Paddy Power Betfair.

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