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December 30, 2020

Fixed Price Trade – Measuring Your Room Animation


As my first animation project undertaken on people per hour I have a lot to owe to Fixed Price Trade. This video was to explain to a consumer the correct way to go about measuring their room for a project.

Being one of my earlier projects I didn’t complete much in the way of planning, simply writing a script and then animating it and making amendments from there. I quickly learned that this method was much more time consuming in the long run (animating ideas that possibly weren’t used or liked by the client when I could have got feedback quicker on a storyboard)

Although this is still one of my earlier pieces of work (perhaps even one of my first paid projects) I am still incredibly fond of the simplicity and way that it gets across the info in an easy to understand manner. This project also has an example of 3d layers, where the room is placed in a 2.5d space to show the walls, floor etc.

About The Client are an online platform where consumers can get quotes and projects undertaken from tradesman with more consistency and slickness.

Want to find out more about Fixed Price, you can visit the site here:

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