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December 30, 2020

CodeClan - Fintech Promo Video


During part-time role at CodeClan (following a 6 month placement from Uni) I became involved in the creation of a promotional video for one of CodeClan’s main supporters, Fintech Scotland. The video was to be used on Fintech’s youtube channel to act as publicity for both organisations.

From start to finish I worked closely with both the marketing team and CodeClan’s employer relations manager (who is featured heavily in the video)

Not only did I get a chance to plan the video following the brief, but I was also let loose to film whatever I fancied to make the video look slick and professional – super exciting as it was probably the first time I got to properly play with the dust-gathering-camera I had bought over the previous summer.

All in all absolutely love this piece of work (and I hope the chiefs over at CodeClan do too…if you’re ever reading this!) Definitely looking forward to using my camera more to film stuff like this.

About The Client

CodeClan are a recent Scotland based startup who focus on transforming they way in which technology based skills are learned. Tuition in skills such as web development, UX, Agile are taught in an immersive environment – with the main “professional software development” course being a short course which gets its students job ready in just 16 weeks. They also offer bespoke courses to companies wishing to upgrade their staffs skills in tech.

My connection with CodeClan first started in January 2017 when I started a 6 month placement – which was a requirement of my marketing degree at Edinburgh Napier. When I finished the placement in May 2017, I must have done alright because they asked me to stay on in an upgraded role of marketing assistant over the summer. This also continued on a freelance basis after the summer when I returned to uni – for which I continued to work with CodeClan on marketing projects as best I could around my studies.

Interested in embarking on a tech-journey? Check out CodeClan’s site here for more info.

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