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PowderCity – Website Design

Back in 2017 I met Nick, an entrepreneur who was launching numerous sites and taking on numerous projects, several of which I have been heavily involved in the web-design and branding. A notable project I wish to include on my folio has been the redesign of a popular nootropics and supplements business – PowderCity. The high profile site, at the time, had become a popular online store for various supplements. However, having been around for several years PowderCity was definitely in need of some aesthetic refreshments.

This project was completed using my go to design software – Adobe Illustrator. Although, now that times are changing and new ui software is emerging, if I was to undertake this project again now I would no doubt be working on sketch – which I am absolutely loving so far. A major overhaul from the original site was the use of more visuals, primarily in the form of icons to support text and make important information easier to understand. If you also take a look at the site, the new and improved PowderCity includes a visual rating system where users can easily view scores out of ten for a products associated features. Once completed, the files were handed over to the Nicks chosen developer who built the site – doing an excellent job at turning what I had designed into a fully working site.

About The CLient

Prior to the re-launch, PowderCity were one of the largest bulk powder suppliers in the USA; supplying over 250 thousand customers world-wide since July 2014. Now, the site has taken a new focus from being a major supplier, to instead informing its audience about supplements. Although it still stocks masses of products, the site has transformed to include visual ratings, detailed descriptions and icons to illustrate more info about the particular product.

Want to see how my designs have come to life? Check out PowderCity here:

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