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December 30, 2020

Betfair – 7 Days, 7 Slots Animation


Back in 2015 (jeeze is it really that long ago!?) I received contact through my people per hour profile from one of the Betfair team who wanted to discuss producing an animation for one of their upcoming promotions. The project was already thoroughly thought out by the team, which made storyboarding fairly straight forward to bring their script ideas to life visually.

The End Result

I absolutely LOVE the fact that Jenni Monday, who was a voice actor for the BBC, did our voiceover for this project. Honestly, she has been my favourite person to work with on voiceovers and I really think her voice brings these animations to life.

This was a fairly quick project to work on, lasting only a couple of weeks as the Betfair team already had a clear vision of what they were after.

Although quite an old project (2015) – Betfair Bingo’s 7 Days 7 Slots Promo definitely has a place in my heart. As, probably, my most notable and well known client I found working with Betfair really exciting and I look forward to continuing working with them again in future.

Follow On Work

A year later, I’ve completed an additional promotion for Betfair Exchange Games, which you can read about here. Since then, I’ve been in close contact with Betfair to discuss several more videos which I hope to update my blog with in the near future.

What Did I Learn?

Like most projects, this one reminded me of the importance of proper planning and keeping on top of my project management with this project alongside others. Something I was only really beginning to get to grips with back in 2015 (thank god for trello!)

I learnt on this project that I needed to update my storyboard template to include a proper section for the proposed voiceovers – this had made my storyboards a lot better now.

Lessons learnt? I learnt again that simplicity is key to making something really slick and cutting edge. Overall…another project well done. I’m very proud of this one

About The Client

Betfair is a UK based online gambling business operating the world’s largest online betting platform. In 2016 it merged with another recognisable gambling figurehead, Paddy Power to latterly become Paddy Power Betfair.

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