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Dec 2020

About Me

Woah! You wanna know more about me? I'm flattered!

So yeah. I’m Harry! You guessed it – that’s a nice close up of me in the photo (this was me in Myer pointing to my much loved work on the Sneaker Doctor project)

When I started my journey into this digital world – I would probably have called myself a freelance graphic designer / animator. I initially started doing voluntary projects because I was ‘good with computers.‘ To start with I had little to know design knowledge or skills with any software but was keen to take on fun projects and as a result – got better and better. When I was offered my first paid project for an online rating company ‘irateislate’ I was totally taken aback. Someone actually offered to pay me for what I was doing!? Woah! Mind blown.

Since then I have taken on every project I could fit into my day in order to learn and practice new skills and ultimately know them off by hand and be able to put them into practice. As of 2018, I’ve now worked with over 350 different clients, contributed to some fantastic projects (thankfully all paid now!), met some really cool people and learnt some really great stuff along the way.

I’ve always got the ambition and end goal of working for myself, under my own terms, making the rules up as I go along – and I think that is the way for me. Which leads me onto my next point.

What about now?

Currently, I am involved with the running of my own business – dab hand marketing. This is business registered on the advice of my father who suggested I could perhaps focus more on my skills and level up my freelancinglyness. Shortly after my 18th birthday I registered dab hand group and I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward to today and I am in Australia working closesly with three awesome companies here in Melbourne. These jobs have both helped me work on some stuff I am truly proud of. Since coming here, I've made heaps of progress - and have narrowed down what it is I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to work with startups.

My fantastic opportunity in Australia has let me meet several likeminded people who have, are trying to or wanting to start and grow their own business. Cut a long story short - I am now a part of a couple of these businesses and do all of the marketing in partnership.

… and that’s it for now! The story continues I guess!