Rank My Ride Animation

Rank My Ride Animation

Finishing up a fantastic 2018 of projects and achievements with what has, so far, been my favourite animation project. Rank My Ride is an exciting new project, which will pay users to leave reviews about their trips on popular journey apps (such as uber, Lyft etc) 
The app pays consumers in a bidding effort to raise the standard of taxi services (such as Uber and Lyft)


the end result

The animation itself is a fun, lighthearted video which explains the idea of the app and how users can get involved. The main point of the animation is to encourage sign ups – but also to outline some of the rules in place (stopping people scamming the system!)


What did I learn?

Like everything I do, I am always adamant that there is room for improvement.  I really feel this project has progressed a great deal from my original projects – and I think this is purely down to the use of sound effects (out with the pops and wooshes I would usually use)

Having found a great site for sound effects (soundsnap.com – if anyone is interested) I now feel my animation projects have a whole other dimension to them. Really happy with this new major improvement to my work and looking forward to the next project I can work on too!

Want to find out more about Rank My Ride? Here’s their website! 


CodeClan – Logo Animation

This is a piece of work I’m particularly happy with during my time at CodeClan! A cool looking logo intro to be used at the start of all their videos.

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