Home Start – Fundraising Pack

Home Start – Fundraising Pack

In January 2017 I became involved with Home Start, a UK based children’s charity. For a short while, I undertook several design projects – one of which being the fundraising pack you can see above. 

Ultimately, the pack was to be used to encourage readers to run fundraising activities for the charity and give suggestions for potential fundraising ideas. Viewable in two main formats it was intended that readers could access the info pack as both a physical hand out (for those in the Home Start office or at Home Start events) and as a downloadable pdf for the website.


Overall, I am super happy with the project and am particularly happy with the simplicity of the front cover – for which Home Start had some really nice photography I was able to make use of which helped showcase Home Starts efforts really well. It was also really refreshing to step away from the corporate blocky sans serif and often fairly dull colour palettes for something more fun and colourful (letting my inner child out in a productive way I guess!) 


Home-Start is one of the UK’s leading family support charities and provides support for families with young children through play groups, home visits, social activities and many more. The charity is volunteer ran and currently has 16,000 volunteers working in 269 Home-Start offices in the UK and overseas.


Interested in the Home Start charity? You can visit their website here:

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