Hexa Solutions – Website

Hexa Solutions – Website

As of September 2018, I have began working with Stephen – founder and business manager of Hexa Solutions. Like myself with dab hand, Stephen has taken freelancing to the next level to run a digital marketing business. For me, this means that I will hopefully be receiving more projects which I can work on and add to my portfolio.

First up on the (hopefully) long list of work with Hexa Solutions was to create a website for which Hexa can advertise their services, showcase their work and most importantly generate leads and new business. Overall, I’m very happy with how the whole site has come together and most definitely formed another piece of Hexa’s newly established brand.


Prior to the re-launch, PowderCity were one of the largest bulk powder suppliers in the USA; supplying over 250 thousand customers world-wide since July 2014. Now, the site has taken a new focus from being a major supplier, to instead informing its audience about supplements. Although it still stocks masses of products, the site has transformed to include visual ratings, detailed descriptions and icons to illustrate more info about the particular product.


Want to see how my designs have come to life? Check out PowderCity here:

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