Hexa Solutions – Promotional Material Set

Hexa Solutions – Promotional Material Set

As of September 2018, I have been working with Stephen – founder and business manager of Hexa Solutions. Like myself with dab hand, Stephen has taken freelancing to the next level to run a digital marketing business. For me, this means that I will hopefully be receiving more projects which I can work on and add to my portfolio.


Alongside making Hexa’s website (you can read about that here) I also created a set of marketing materials Hexa could use when pitching for new leads and general day to day marketing activities.


These included a roller banner (to be used at events or sales pitches) entrance signage for their offices, business cards and also a set of flyers. Overall, I am really happy with the modern and slick design has worked out, and most importantly is consistent across all of their branded materials. 


Hexa Solutions is a Plymouth based startup founded in 2018.

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