ElevenIT – Services Flyers

ElevenIT – Services Flyers

Flashback to December 2016 (back when I was hard at work making the most of super empty second year timetable) I received a project request from ElevenIT to create a set of flyers to be used to advertise several of their main services. It was proposed that the flyers would be used as handouts at events or presentations where ElevenIT would be hunting for new business. 


Definitely happy with what I created, with the end result being a simple, yet eye catching and colourful solution to the brief. I also really like how I have subtly masked out the hand some of the imagery so that it pops above the header section. This is probably the first time I have tried that and feel that it really makes the flyer a bit more interesting than just a bog standard header with image section. It also helps to make an otherwise fairly basic photo a bit more interesting. 


ElevenIT are an independent IT Consultancy providing Outsourced IT Director packages, IT Strategy Development and IT Project Planning and Management expertise, based in the Midlands, and London and founded by Harry Leak (a fellow Harry! Woo!).


Want to find out more about ElevenIT? You can visit their website here:

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