ClydeView Opticians – Promo Video

ClydeView Opticians – Promo Video

In October 2017 I was put in contact with Callum who was looking for a website created for their local opticians – ClydeView Opticians. Early on I was absolutely stunned with the space (that Callum had put together himself btw) and had thought it was would be worthwhile to show it off on the website in the form of a video. Not only does this give us a chance to show off the amazing space – but was something that notably most other competitors weren’t doing – so would help set them apart.


I was let loose to film whatever I wanted – giving me the opportunity to practice my filming skills and play with my new fluid head tripod (something which I had been eager to do since it’s arrival)


I definitely think the end result helps set ClydeView Opticians apart from the crowd, and also makes the website look a bit more interesting.


Need your eyes sorted? 10/10 recommend ClydeView Opticians to do it! Check out their site (that I built) here:

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