Awkward Stewations Animations

Awkward Stewations Animations

Midway through my third year of Uni I received an email from Derek, who was looking to launch a board game. We began continued talking over email and eventually met to discuss the game in more detail. As soon as I began to play the game I became eager to be a part of the project – purely because it’s an intriguing game and I was interested to see where it went.


Throughout our initial discussions Derek outlined a lot of exciting ideas – amongst which were a series of fun animated character videos which would explain what the game was about, how to play it and ultimately act as a sales pitch to those watching it.



So fast forward a couple of months of brainstorming, storyboarding and meticulous planning – and we launched the main Awkward Stewations promotional animation. If you’ve been through my portfolio of animation at all, you’ll definitely notice a major shift from the typical bog standard explainer videos I tend to do.

Fun Facts?

What makes this project even more exciting for me is that all the drawings were hand drawn by Marc Badminton – so the whole animation is totally bespoke and unique from any other video! Out of all the projects I’ve completed, I’ve probably found this one the most enjoyable – simply because it is different and Derek was an absolute joy to work with.

What Did I Learn?

So, what did I learn on this project? I reminded myself of the importance of proper planning – which is encouraging to see I have definitely got to grips with now! Lessons learnt? That fun and exciting projects often take quite a bit longer to complete than I originally thought – which has meant the end result, is something I am incredibly proud of!


Want to find out more about Awkward Stewations? Here’s their website! 

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